With the motto of service and customer support form on, customers will gain certain benefits when the service customs brokerage our company

D&T Logistics provider customs brokers with the skills, experience and expertise with the specific understanding of the customs clearance in your country, and differences of international customs practices. With leadership and professional staffs, enthusiastic, many years of experience, our company performed better ensure the provision of products and services for your company with top quality and efficiency.

Served motto:

  • Confidential customer information
  • Fast, accurately
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Enthusiasm, credibility
  • Cost savings.

Customer support:

  •  Consulting clearance procedures for each type of goods exported / imported
  •  Preparation of documents for clients (check vouchers, to the declaration, printed)
  •  Look, identified HS code each commodity
  •  Take command, authorized at the forwarder or carrier
  •  Register withdrawal slip at the beach, quickly moving cont

With the motto of service and customer support form on, customers will gain certain benefits when the service customs brokerage our company:

Make the most of external resources as part of the company’s strengths. Do not worry about the management of human, not a headache in the recruitment and management of more departments, cut maintenance costs. No matter when, no matter where we are always ready to assist.

Reduce costs: the measure of business efficiency.

Save time: The time is not only gold, but also the prestige and brand partners.

High security: potential risks to your business if there is a person or department within the grasp all the information about prices, suppliers and customers of the photography business. Come to our company, you will be assured of this problem.

Full recordkeeping: Our staff will advise on the exact nature of goods, ensure the correct tax rate, full records will help you feel secure now, no longer worried about post-post audits or other related tax issues.

The type of export – import common  :

  • Type of Busines
  • Type of machinery
  • Type of manufacturing exports
  • Type of Temporary export for re-import
  • Type of Temporary import for re-export
  • Type of investigations
  • Type of transit
  • Type of import / export processing zones
  • Type of switch port, switch gate

Other related services:

In addition to customs brokerage import and export products our company offers other services involved in the import-export process:

  • Services export license, please announce product quality.
  • Subscription services quality control state: food safety, cultural inspection and quarantine of animals / plants, check the conformity and conformity standards, registered registry safety of the product of labor, chemical register ….
  •  Please C/O form A, B, D, E, AJ, AK, KV, AANZ for exports.
  •  Fumigated container, timber for shipments conditions in some markets have required: Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe ….
  •  Packaging products: closed carton, packing wood (little or closed), closed pallet ………
  •  Loading and unloading of goods at warehouses and ports ….

Services that we offers


D&T Logistics is an enterprise in the field of logistics, we always try to bring customers the most benefits possible. Therefore, we always put ourselves in the position of customer to build the best service, the most diversified based on the motto “professional, dedicated, reliable and effective”. Here are some outstanding and different services that you can choose from:
The services that we offer you:
– Sea transport

– Air transport

– Express delivery

– Container Vehicles

– customs declaration service

– Carrying goods

– Bulk

Please cooperate with us because we have:

Guarantee: For the safety of customers, we will contract for the important orders when the agreement reached between the two sides, ensuring your interests when the risk occurs.
Reasonable price: The price we offer is always affordable compared to the market. Because we operate under the “quality – guarantee – prestige” criterion, we do not provide the cheapest service in the market but the price is not high compared with the same level of logistics companies.
Service attitude: “honest – friendly – high responsibility” is what will make you satisfied when working together with us.
The optimal process saves time: by taking advantage of the relationship and many years in the profession, we have established a fast process: from receiving -> quotation -> forward on -> done. Ensure you get results in the shortest possible time with reasonable cost.

For Full Container (FCL):
Based on long-term contracts with various shipping lines, D&T Logistics can provide the most competitive freight rates, along with the fastest transit times for 20 ‘and 40’ containers.

For retail:
For shipments not fully loaded container, D&T Logistics has consolidation routes from major foreign ports to main ports of Vietnam, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh.
For shipments that can not be packed in containers:
There are no shipments in the container, D&T Logistics can be shipped in bulk from major European, North American ports, and some Asian ports to Vietnam.

Door-to-door service:
With a global dealer network, with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, D&T Logistics also provides door-to-door service for bulk shipments, containerized cargo, bulk cargo, and fast.

D&T Logistics is a freight forwarding agent and contracted with many major airlines in the world with high frequency, high payload and fly to almost anywhere in the world such as airlines: Singapore Airlines , Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, China Airlines, Eva Air, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, Cargolux, Vietnam Airlines ….
In addition to regular air freight, D&T Logistics also offers multi-modal transportation services combining ocean and airfreight with airfreight. No, transshipment through Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong; Helping customers to reduce costs and get the fastest shipping service, the most effective.

On forwarding, D&T Logistics undertakes diversified services from warehousing to the airport or its warehouses (airport-airport, door-airport, airport-door, door-door).

Express delivery is the service of receiving goods, mail from parcels by air, road with the form of receiving and door to door (Door to Door). Customers can receive goods only after one working day. This service is considered the core service of D&T Logistics and brings many outstanding advantages.

This service is tailored to your specific needs by way of air or truck. Goods will be shipped by D&T Logistics staff to the recipient at the agreed time.

Suitable for personal transportation of documents, letters, goods.
Delivery to the place.
Domestic and international shipping.

        D&T Logistics is a reputable and quality transportation company with a team of professional drivers combined with river and rail freight transport both domestically and in Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia.

We are willing to consult and provide the best domestic transportation service at cost savings to satisfy customers. In addition, D&T has been equipped with specialized equipment to transport reefer to ensure the quality of goods from warehouses to ports.

D&T Logistics provides customs services after almost 5 years of operation in providing import and export services for our customers. We always understand that Customs Declaration is always one of the most important and important steps. complex in the field of import and export.

With the understanding of customs procedures, import and export of goods, know the process of customs clearance. Customs Department of D&T Logistics has been providing customs clearance services, providing import and export goods, help customers and businesses clear goods quickly to ensure the Business of the business and partners are favorable.

Import customs service:

  • Import customs clearance services
  • Import customs clearance services
  • Clearance services for non-commercial imports
  • Customs service import export production
  • Clearance services for export processing zones
  • Customs service temporarily imported for re-export

Export Clearance Services:

  • Customs service for export business
  • Non-commercial export clearance services
  • Customs clearance for export of processed goods
  • Export customs clearance services
  • Customs service export export processing zone
  • Services through temporary export for re-export

By using D&T Logistics’s hand carry service, you do not have to worry about the process of sending and receiving goods because we provide services always ensure:

  • Competitive freight, attractive incentives
  • Fast shipping time
  • The goods are safe
  • Get the right people, the right place, the right time
  • Free consulting advice to help you choose the best package.

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