Although you use logistics service: Air Freight or Courier by airplane. But you must clear customs and delivery cargo from your warehouse to airport. And then you have to contact with some forwarder as D&T Logistics and Trading Co.,Ltd to check about airfreight, schedule, frequency, transit time,… you can compare rate some of Airline to get the best choice for you.

Because every Airline will have rate and schedule not the same. The direct service, safety are always higher than cheap service. It’s more exactly in transportation filed for example: if you book transit service, your cargo need delivery to transit port and then cargo will be repackaged, change airline, reload from transit port to final destination. Your risk is lost cargo, wrong package, damage packing, … if you use cheaper rate, and choose some Airline has not good service in the market. This issue is very difficult with new customer, so you need some advice from forwarders to have more information.

And the Air freight will be charged per kilogram (kg), you can refer the method to estimate air freight as below: min, -45kgs, + 45kgs, + 100 kgs, + 300kgs, + 500kgs, + 1000kgs, …

And you also need give Airline basic information to check Estimate Time Departed:
– Name of cargo
– Volume
– Dimension (it’s very important)
– Gross weight
– Packing list

Because some of product can not delivery or check very strictly by Airplane for example: liquid, chemical, fresh food, chemistry, battery, electric motor,… so you need check very careful about commodity with your forwarder before you want to transport by Air.

Finally, Air Freight is very high. So you just should use Air transport for shipment need short time and it’s high value to save cost.